Maternity Photo Session | Durham Photography | Black and White Maternity

December 28, 2016

Black and White Maternity

When I first started in photography I started in Black and White.  My Mom was a photographer for a local newspaper in the small town of Mackenzie B.C. I spent a large portion of my childhood there.  She had all of the darkroom equipment that any photographer would have needed.  I loved to just hang out there. All of that exposure to chemicals probably explains a lot about how I am today!

Working in a darkroom allows you to create and manipulate photos unlike anything out there in the computer world today. 

I still love to go back to my roots and play in Black and White. It takes talent to correctly understand Black and White photos although they seem very simplistic.

Black and White photos can say so many things.  They are mysterious and romantic. Cold and warm. Sexy and simplistic all at once.