Breast Feeding Photography | Durham Photography | 2015

October 28, 2015

Breast Feeding Photography

I had never really thought that this would become the new photography trend.  To me it was just a natural thing to do.  Often during my newborn sessions I just ask if I can capture these moments while we wait.  Most Mother's are happy to accommodate.  When I breastfed my own children I often wished I had a camera on the top of my head.  I always enjoyed these moments alone with my babies especially at night.  The night feed was always the last one to go.  I held on to the evening feed as long as I could.  The moments were so quiet and relaxing.  A special bond was forming between me and this little being that relied so much on me for not just food but love, safety and support.  An intimate bond that has since grown and can never be broken. I can only hope that photographing these moments for these Mother's has captured not only the bond but the feeling of that special bond that only a Mother and her newborn baby have.