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Cheeky Little Birthday Cake Smash | Durham Photography | Durham Photo | Cake Smash | Whitby

September 30, 2017

Cheeky Little Cake Smash


This Cheeky little monkey was so adorable for her birthday Cake Smash.  She screamed a lot in full joy through most of her session.  She was fast and crawling everywhere.  Her Mom was getting a good work out that morning trying to catch her and put her back!  It was so fun!  When I have movers in my studio I put them up on a large ottoman and have Mom and Dad sit right next to them for safety.  This way they don't go very far! (hopefully!) Birthday girl was unsure of her cake made by Fantastic Events but loved the teddy bear. She had fun and we got some excellent expressions for  memories of her first Birthday.  Enjoy!


Trailer Park Wedding | Durhamphotography | Wedding Photography | Kawartha Wedding Photography

September 14, 2017

Trailer Park Wedding


"Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light, within each other, bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss." Unknown


YES!  It's a Trailer Park Wedding!  These two people have finally found each other after several children and previous relationships.  To have the opportunity to finally find the one true love of your life is a blessing. Sometimes it takes a second round.  These two wanted to celebrate together with family and friends and not make a big deal about it.  They just wanted to share their love with everyone so they decided to do it in a location where they spend so much time with the ones they love.  Lucky for me the park had a beautiful old barn out in the field to give some gorgeous backgrounds to their photos.  There was also a beautiful beach to add to their collection of natural wedding photos. Enjoy!





Maternity Momma | Durham Photography | Whitby Maternity Photographer | Durham Photo | Maternity

August 07, 2017

Maternity Momma


 This gorgeous Momma of soon to be FOUR babies was happy to capture these last moments of her pregnancy with me. I think this maybe her last baby but we never know!  LOL! This Momma is not only beautiful on the outside but inside too.  I am sure that you can see it in her eyes! We decided to goto Heber Downs the local conservation area.  It was the middle of the day but the beaming sunshine didn't stop any part of this session.  It is always a challenge as a photographer in the full afternoon sun but this location allowed us to capture just enough light in the shady areas to get wonderful photos for her maternity session. Enjoy!

In Momma's Arms | Durham Photography | Durham Photo | Newborn Photographer Whitby | Whitby Baby

July 24, 2017

In Momma's Arms


This is Momma's second baby.  This little munchkin was so squiggly! The few poses I got were miracles!  Any kind of movement that I made and baby was wide awake.  This babes only wanted to be in Momma's arms the entire time.  We persisted and got several wonderful photos of this little one and Momma!  Enjoy!


Newborn Family Photography | Durham Photography | Whitby Family Photographer | Durham Photo | Whitby

July 10, 2017

For The Love of Eyelashes!


This little peanut had the most gorgeous eyelashes!  I have so many photos of them in her gallery! She was awake for the first half of this session but once in Momma's arms she comfortably fell asleep.  The first set was done while wrapped.  I was successfully able to get her unwrapped and on her belly for those wonderful curl up photos at the end of her session.  She was a fantastic baby!